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International Crime And Extradition

International Crime & Extradition Defence Solicitors

Facing allegations of international crime or extradition demands immediate legal attention. At BKP Solicitors, we specialise in providing expert legal representation and support to individuals facing extradition requests and international criminal proceedings. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we guide you through the complexities of international law, ensuring your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

Why Choose Us

  • Specialist Knowledge: Benefit from our expertise in international criminal law and extradition proceedings. Our solicitors possess the specialised skills required to handle complex cases effectively.
  • Strategic Defence: We develop tailored defence strategies to protect your rights and minimise the repercussions of extradition or international crime allegations.
  • 24/7 Availability: Facing extradition or international crime charges can be daunting. Our team is available round the clock to provide urgent legal assistance and support.

How We Can Assist You

Our team offers comprehensive legal assistance and representation in cases involving international crime and extradition, including:

  • Legal Representation: We represent you throughout the extradition process, ensuring fair treatment and protecting your rights at all times.
  • Strategic Defence: Our solicitors develop robust defence strategies tailored to the specifics of your case, including challenging extradition requests and European Arrest Warrants (EAWs).
  • Human Rights Protection: We leverage relevant articles of the Human Rights Act to create a strong defence, including rights to family life and protection against inhumane treatment.
  • Plea Bargaining: We negotiate with prosecuting authorities to secure favourable outcomes, including reductions in sentence where appropriate.

Understanding Extradition

Extradition is the process by which one country requests the return of a person from another country to stand trial or serve a sentence. It involves various steps, including:

  • Submission of a warrant by the requesting country
  • Proportionality test and issuance of a certificate by the UK authority
  • Arrest and extradition hearing before a judge

Defence Strategies

Our extradition solicitors employ various defence strategies, including:

  • Challenging the validity of extradition requests
  • Leveraging human rights protections to create a robust defence
  • Negotiating plea bargains to secure favourable outcomes
  • Providing comprehensive representation at all stages of the process
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