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Dangerous Driving

Specialist Dangerous Driving Defence Solicitors

If you're facing charges of dangerous driving, one of the most serious (non-fatal) driving offences, our specialist Dangerous Driving Solicitors at BKP Solicitors are here to provide you with decades of experience and expert legal advice to navigate this challenging situation.

What is Dangerous Driving?

Defined under the Road Traffic Act 1988, dangerous driving is the most serious non fatal road traffic offence, involving driving far below the standard expected of a competent driver or driving in a condition obvious to be dangerous. Examples include aggressive driving, racing, ignoring road signs, or driving with a dangerous fault.

Possible Penalties for Dangerous Driving

Charges of dangerous driving can lead to severe penalties, including up to 2 years' imprisonment, unlimited fines, and mandatory driving disqualification. Other consequences may include penalty points on your licence, community service, and increased insurance premiums.

How Is a Charge for Dangerous Driving Defended?

Defending against dangerous driving allegations requires highly experienced specialists who understand the legal complexities involved. Arguments for defence may include proving you weren't driving the vehicle, demonstrating your standard of driving was sufficient, or showing you were unaware of any vehicle issues. Other circumstances, like driving under duress, can also be considered.

Will a Dangerous Driving Charge Leave a Criminal Record?

A conviction for dangerous driving results in a criminal record, impacting future employment and travel opportunities. Additionally, a mandatory driving ban is imposed, linked to the severity of the offence.

What Is an Extended Driving Test?

Upon completion of your driving ban, you must take an extended driving test before regaining your licence. This test is more challenging than the traditional driving test, assessing a wider range of driving skills and manoeuvres to ensure your competency on the road.

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