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Death By Dangerous Driving

Solicitors for Death by Dangerous Driving

Facing allegations of causing 'Death by Dangerous Driving' is an immensely serious matter with potentially life altering consequences. If you or someone you know is accused of this offence, our Death by Dangerous Driving Solicitors at BKP Solicitors are here to provide expert legal assistance and ensure the best possible defence.

Why Choose Our Death by Dangerous Driving Solicitors?

With over 20 years of experience, our Driving Offence Solicitors understand the emotional and stressful nature of such accusations. We work tirelessly alongside you to navigate this challenging situation and strive to make the process as manageable as possible. Our team is available round the clock, offering support and guidance whenever you need it most.

Building a Defence for Death by Dangerous Driving

Given the gravity of the allegation, cases where the defendant pleads not guilty will be heard at the Crown Court before a jury. Early initiation of the defence process is crucial, ideally before the first police interview. The prosecution must prove that your driving was obviously dangerous compared to that of a competent and careful driver, resulting in the death of the victim.

A robust defence strategy involves developing a strong factual case to demonstrate that you did not drive in a dangerous manner. This may include leveraging witnesses, expert reports, accident reconstructions, and available video footage. Our specialist Death by Dangerous Driving solicitors meticulously craft a defence tailored to your case, aiming for the best possible outcome at trial.

Penalties for Death by Dangerous Driving

The penalties for causing death by dangerous driving are severe and potentially life changing. A guilty plea or conviction in court typically results in a minimum driving ban of two years, with a requirement to retake the driving test afterward. Additionally, you could face a prison sentence of up to 14 years and an unlimited fine.

Proper legal representation is crucial to minimising the punishment and mitigating the negative impact on your life. Our experienced team will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome in your case.

For expert legal assistance and a strong defence against allegations of death by dangerous driving, contact our solicitors today.

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