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Boiler Room Fraud

Boiler Room Fraud Solicitors UK

Boiler room fraud involves salespeople cold calling individuals using high pressure tactics to persuade them into buying shares in speculative or fraudulent investment 'opportunities'.

Boiler room fraud is pursued with vigor by the police due to the escalating number of cases, particularly targeting the elderly and foreigners living within the UK.

If you or someone you know has been accused of committing boiler room fraud, contact our dedicated team of boiler room fraud defence lawyers immediately to discuss your case.

We understand that being accused of boiler room fraud can be extremely stressful, particularly given the complexity of this area of law. For that reason, our dedicated team of expert professionals are available to discuss your case.

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What is Boiler Room Fraud?

Boiler room fraud schemes vary in style and complexity.

What Types of Actions Are Considered to Be Indicative of Boiler Room Fraud?

Usually, boiler room schemes involve offering people the opportunity to buy shares in an apparently up and coming company that is on the verge of making a fortune in industries such as oil, gold, or fuel. The shares being offered may be worthless or non existent. Tactics used to convince the prospective buyer include making promises of high returns with no risk and claims of insider information.

The companies typically target older people, encouraging them to invest their life savings, their retirement funds, or even their property in exchange for shares which never appear.

Who Prosecutes Boiler Room Fraud?

The UK government takes boiler room fraud very seriously. Since the financial crisis, when the banks were forced to spend billions bailing out banks, the government has been keen to arrest any form of financial malpractice that it comes across.

What is a Boiler Room Company?

In boiler room fraud, the boiler room is usually a company that has taken on the identity of a firm that is legitimately licensed to sell shares or offer investment advice to individuals.

How Do the Boiler Room Companies Convince Their Investors?

The companies will typically employ high pressure salespeople who will be tasked with convincing potential investors of the amazing financial gains that their company is apparently on course to make, and persuasively encouraging them to invest in it.

How Is Boiler Room Fraud Prosecuted?

Boiler room fraud is typically prosecuted as either conspiracy to defraud or money laundering.

Which Members of the Company Are Typically Accused?

In most cases, those accused typically endeavour to prove that they have been honestly and transparently employed by a genuine company.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Accused of Involvement?

If you have been accused of being involved in a boiler room company, perhaps as an unwitting employee, it is normal to feel frightened of what will happen next. As experts in the area of boiler room defence law, we strongly encourage you to do nothing until you have contacted one of our specialist fraud defense lawyers and sought advice regarding your case.

What Happens If I Am Investigated

If you are set to be investigated on suspicion of boiler room fraud, the police will contact you.

Could I Be Imprisoned If Found Guilty?

Boiler room fraud is a serious offense, and it does carry a potential prison sentence.

How Long Could I Be Sentenced To?

If you are found guilty, the sentence length may vary from a suspended sentence to five years' imprisonment.

Could Any Mitigating Factors Be Considered?

Sentences are handed on an individual basis and, as such, the court will examine the details of your case very carefully when handing out your sentence to determine a length that is appropriate to you.

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