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Insurance Fraud

Specialist Insurance Fraud Defence Solicitors

Our dedicated team of Specialist Insurance Fraud Defence Solicitors provides expert legal advice and representation for businesses or individuals accused of committing insurance fraud.

Being accused of insurance fraud is a serious situation. If you or your business are facing such allegations, it is crucial to obtain legal advice before taking any further steps. Allegations of insurance fraud can be particularly damaging to your reputation, and as cases can be highly complex, expert advice is essential.

How We Can Help You

For over 20 years, BKP Solicitors has successfully guided and represented clients in serious and high value fraud cases. Our solicitors are skilled and experienced at handling the intricacies of complex cases, robustly challenging the evidence against you. We have a formidable reputation for defending serious high value cases with tenacity and attention to detail, ensuring our clients receive the best defence possible.

Throughout your case, we will:

  • Liaise with the authorities for you
  • Counsel you on what to say if asked for information
  • Represent you during questioning
  • Ensure your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly throughout the process
  • Advise you on your plea
  • Apply for bail if necessary and minimise the impact of any conditions
  • Ensure you are fully prepared for your trial
  • Provide expert representation in court
  • Help you protect your reputation
  • Advise and assist you on the appeals process if necessary

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud occurs when a person acts dishonestly when taking out or claiming on an insurance policy, either to benefit themselves or another, or to cause a loss for someone else.

Insurance fraud covers many different situations, including:

  • Contrived accidents: Falsely claiming damages occurred due to an accident that never took place
  • Staged or induced road traffic accidents: Deliberately causing an accident and then making false claims on the innocent driver’s insurance, e.g., for injuries
  • Phantom passenger claims: Claims on motor insurance policies for injuries to passengers who were not in the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • Application fraud: Failing to disclose or misrepresenting material facts in a dishonest way during the application process to lower the insurance premium, e.g., not mentioning claims history
  • Exaggerating legitimate claims: Overstating injuries and/or losses incurred due to real incidents

Penalties for Insurance Fraud

Penalties for the most serious fraud cases can be severe, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines. Additionally, a conviction for insurance fraud may affect future job prospects and your ability to obtain insurance and other important financial services.

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