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Police Station Representation

Police Station Representation

Our Duty Solicitors offer specialised assistance and guidance to individuals who have been arrested or summoned to the police station.

Being arrested can be a distressing and unforeseen event. While at the police station, it's vital to understand your rights and how to respond to any inquiries. With years of experience, BKP Solicitors provides invaluable legal advice to those in custody.

If you've been arrested, seeking legal assistance from trustworthy general crime solicitors is crucial. Our service is provided free of charge*, ensuring access to help for anyone in need.

BKP Solicitors can offer expert guidance during this challenging time. If you or someone you know has been arrested, contact us via phone or our online form. Our solicitors are available round the clock, including holidays.

Understanding Your Rights At The Police Station

As experts, we ensure you understand your rights post arrest. We advise on:

  • What to communicate during an interview, if anything.
  • Your right to remain silent if desired.
  • The legal aspects of your case.
  • Unnecessary detention at the station.
  • Police investigation efficiency.

Understanding your rights and receiving early advice strengthens your defence by enabling informed decisions.

The Interview Process

Following arrest, the police typically conduct an interview to gather your account, potentially using it as evidence. Our legal experts guide you on responding, whether remaining silent, freely conversing with police, or preparing a written statement.

Receiving Expert Legal Advice From The Start

Constructing your defence begins immediately after arrest. Anything said can be used against you, and police pressure may lead to inadvertent statements. Hiring a legal defence expert is crucial for advising on communication with the police. The sooner you engage our skilled solicitors, the stronger your defence can be tailored to your circumstances.

24/7 Availability

Arrests can occur unexpectedly, so our legal advisors are available 24/7, ready to assist you at the police station whenever required.

Getting Help Paying For Our Services

If worried about costs, we assist in applying for legal aid, which covers professional advice and representation. Successful legal aid applicants need not worry about financial implications (though, if employed and the case proceeds to the Crown Court, a contribution may be ordered). Questions about legal aid can be directed to our team.

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