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Immigration Services

Our expert team provides comprehensive advice and representation across various immigration matters.

Personal Immigration

In the realm of personal immigration, our services cover a wide range of needs. We assist with visit visas across all categories, ensuring smooth entry clearance for individuals. Our expertise extends to handling entry clearance applications for spouses, children, fiancées, and dependent relatives. Additionally, we specialise in facilitating family and Article 8 (Right of Private and Family Life) applications, providing support for those seeking to extend their leave. Our team is adept at handling discretionary leave applications outside the standard rules, including cases of domestic violence where urgency is paramount. We also offer assistance with emergency injunctions, detention work, deportation proceedings, and bail applications.


When it comes to matters of nationality, our team offers expert guidance and support. We assist individuals with naturalisation processes, helping them navigate the requirements for acquiring citizenship. Additionally, we provide assistance with registration and matters related to the Right of Abode.

European Applications

For individuals seeking immigration solutions within the European context, our services are tailored to meet their specific needs. We specialise in assisting with EEA spouse and partner applications, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Our expertise also extends to Zambrano Carer Applications and various other EEA related applications, including those concerning children. Furthermore, we provide representation for EEA appeals, advocating for the rights of our clients within the European immigration framework.


In matters relating to asylum, our team is committed to providing support and advocacy. We handle all aspects of asylum applications, including initial submissions, fresh claims, and further representations. Additionally, we assist individuals with settlement applications following the attainment of refugee status, ensuring their transition to a secure legal status. Our services also encompass travel document applications, family reunion cases and advocacy in trafficking related matters.

Business Immigration

Our expertise in business immigration enables us to provide tailored solutions for corporate clients. We offer monthly retainer arrangements designed to assist sponsorship license holders in maintaining their licenses effectively. Our services include challenging sponsorship decisions, managing license suspension and revocation issues, and facilitating sponsorship license applications. We also specialise in handling PBS applications across all categories, navigating the complexities of Home Office Civil Penalties, and managing certificates of sponsorship. Moreover, we offer comprehensive support for Home Office monitoring visits and audits, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations. Our team provides valuable advice on checking employee documentation and offers adhoc consultations to address specific immigration concerns.


At every stage of the immigration process, we stand ready to advocate for our clients' rights through the appeals process. We handle appeals to the Immigration & Asylum Chamber, representing clients on a wide range of immigration matters. Our services include applications for Permission to Appeal, representation in the Court of Appeal and advocacy through Judicial Review proceedings. Additionally, we assist clients in lodging objections to Home Office Civil Penalties, ensuring their interests are safeguarded throughout the appeals process.

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