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Careless Driving

Careless Driving Solicitors - Specialist Lawyers for Careless Driving Offences

If you've been accused of careless driving, our highly experienced motoring offence solicitors at BKP Solicitors can provide professional legal advice to help you navigate this challenging situation and retain control of your driving licence. Our lawyers are known for their dedicated and meticulous approach, ensuring you receive expert guidance during this stressful time. We offer 24 hour police station representation to ensure you get the assistance you need.

How Can BKP Solicitors Solicitors Help?

With a track record of successfully defending careless driving cases since 1998, our legal advisors understand the stress associated with such charges, especially the possibility of losing your licence, which could impact your daily life. We're here to build the best defence for you, leveraging our extensive knowledge of careless driving laws and the necessary steps to be taken.

What is Careless Driving?

Careless driving refers to driving below the standard expected of a competent and safe driver, as per the Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 3. It includes actions such as driving too fast, causing an accident, driving too close to other vehicles, or failing to stop at traffic lights. However, the interpretation of 'careless driving' is subjective and varies depending on the circumstances. Therefore, seeking representation and legal advice from motoring offence solicitors specialising in these cases is crucial.

Your solicitor can significantly improve your chances of reducing the severity of any penalties, such as penalty points or fines.

Possible Penalties for Careless Driving

Penalties for careless driving vary based on the circumstances of your case. For low level offences that didn't result in a collision or injury, you may receive a fixed penalty or an offer to attend an improvement course. However, more severe cases may lead to a court summons, potentially resulting in points on your licence, fines, or even disqualification.

If certain factors like drink or drug driving, tiredness, excessive speed, or other risky behaviors are involved, you may face harsher penalties.

Possible Defences to Careless Driving Charges

For the best chance of success, seek specialist advice promptly. Our team can offer high level representation tailored to your circumstances, explaining potential penalties and available defence options. Possible defences may include investigating if an external incident caused your driving to appear careless, such as reduced visibility due to sunlight, emergencies, medical events, or mechanical faults in the vehicle.

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