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Freezing Assets

Freezing Orders Defence Solicitors

If you or your business assets have been subjected to a freezing order, seeking immediate legal advice is crucial. Our dedicated team of Freezing Order Solicitors specialises in challenging and discharging asset freezing injunctions to protect your interests.

Why Choose Our Services

Receiving a freezing order can be a shocking and stressful experience, especially given the severe consequences of non compliance. Our experienced solicitors provide first class legal advice and support to guide you through the process and protect your assets.

We offer:

  • Expert Legal Advice: Access to experienced solicitors who will provide you with clear guidance on challenging and discharging freezing orders.
  • Comprehensive Representation: Assistance in applying for the release of restrained funds, asset reparation, debt payment, and discharge of freezing orders.
  • Immediate Action: Prompt legal assistance to ensure compliance with freezing order terms and protect your rights.

Understanding Freezing Orders

A freezing order is a court injunction that prevents individuals or businesses from accessing or disposing of their assets, including bank accounts, shares, property, and investments. These orders are typically issued without prior notice to the defendant to prevent asset dissipation pending judgment in another case.

What You Should Do

If you've been named in a freezing order, it's crucial to take immediate action to protect your interests:

  • Contact Experienced Solicitors: Seek legal representation from solicitors experienced in freezing order cases to navigate the legal complexities effectively.
  • Comply with Order Terms: Adhere to the terms specified in the freezing order to avoid charges of contempt of court, which could result in severe consequences.
  • Notify Relevant Parties: Inform employees, banks, and joint asset holders about the freezing order terms and comply with disclosure requirements.

Consequences of Non Compliance

Failure to comply with freezing order terms can lead to charges of contempt of court, potentially resulting in a prison sentence. It's essential to seek professional advice promptly and adhere to the order terms to mitigate risks.

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Don't face freezing orders alone. Contact our Freezing Orders Defence Solicitors today for immediate legal assistance and protect your assets effectively.

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